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All our great «INTERRA» moments during 2015
Five youth exchanges in 2015
«Life is a meeting»
South of the Krasnoyarsk region, Carpathians, Saxony

The most exciting project of this year - «World cafe». Full of snow, sun, wind and wild nature - it becomes a real survival kit for people from Germany, Russian, Ukraine and other European Countries. During the winter guys made an authentic mobile café.
In the summer they were traveling through Siberian villages, making performances and sharing some tea and nice talks with local people. Moreover they mastered traditional handicrafts, learnt how to live in a simple cottage house, to work in the snow and cold. They learnt how to communicate in multicultural team.

Blog Olli Lukkari about 1st part of the project

Articles:"20 days in Siberia" and "Café on the riverside".

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"Siberia - it is just too far away, and I do not speak Russian - there were many reasons to give up this journey. Then I understood that an opportunity like this shows up only once on a lifetime. So here I am.", — Оlli Lukari (Finland).

During almost one month, Olli and 20 other youngsters from Europe and Russia lived in the Siberian heart, in the south of Krasnoyarsk region.
In the 5th art-marathon of urban art we decided do add some mountains, rivers and a little taste of the Siberian taiga's wildness. Participants from Russia and Germany enjoyed summer nature and worked openly - in the streets, villages, fields and during an unforgettable rafting experience. In the workshops they taught to Krasnoyarsk's inhabitants different kinds of modern art (screen printing, monotyping, furniture restoration).
During the Krasnoyarsk Restaurant Day they prepared Russian-German meals.

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Logotype was made by Germans from our partnership
We have been friends for 5 years!
Krasnoyarsk - Warsaw - Gdańsk - Ruda śląska

We have been doing this Polish-Russian youth exchange for already 4 years. The main idea of this project was to research about the relations between our two countries. The participants have been working on the theme of the mutual perception between those two cultures, daily occurence and stereotypes. They have been discovering new pages of history and have understood how similar they were.
In July 2015 Polish team went to Krasnoyarsk. In September our Russian group went back to visit them. The topic of this year edition was Rock music. The participants got to know better the history of Poland and Russia, thanks to the use of popular songs and musicians. Through this experience they could understand better the culture of those two countries. They also try to create their own songs.

Participants diary

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„Before this project I could not imagine that I would have real foreigner friends, and how cool it would be. I had an opportunity to meet plenty of interesting, creative- and the most important- kind and responsive people. The emotions that I experienced during the project cannot be compared with anything else. So many unforgettable memories: the first meeting in Krasnoyarsk, the evening on the roof of the building, sleepless nights, the excursion to Divnogorsk and Stolby, group tasks in Polish cities, creating new songs, collecting money for the tickets to go to Poland, the endless Baltic Sea, our stay in hostels and host families (Mariusz thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality), plenty of pleasant communication in English, Polish and Russian…

Those memories will stay with me forever. I think I became a little bit different after this project. Thank you to all the organisators for the hard work that you have done.
The days I spent during this project are part of the best ones in my life."
Vladislav Gorkovenko

Russian and German participants of this project dealt with youth initiatives in those two countries, did internship in public organizations in Berlin, took part in a training about the creation of an inter-cultural communication. They lived in host families, get introduced to the German youth and interesting people during informal meetings.

"Becoming a volunteer for a two weeks": the impressions of the participants

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In autumn Russian and German youngsters literally learnt how to "build" the world. Together they arranged the park's area of the young naturalists. As a result Krasnoyarsk has a new, nice place to meet.

Interview with project organizers

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Volunteers and EVS
During 2015 INTERRA hosted 3 volunteers coming from abroad to do an internship:
Jan from Slovakia, Magdalena from Denmark and Florian from France.
Two other volunteers - Ewa from Poland and Sarah from France - are currently into INTERRA's activities. All of them (except Florian), came to Krasnoyarsk thanks to the European Voluntary Service (EVS).
Also we sent one of our local volunteer – Aleksandra – in an "After school care centre": Am Schulplatz (Germany, Potsdam)
"I experimented life not as a theory but as a practice"
Аlina Golubina,
evs- volunteer
Мy siberian story is a blog about how life is in Siberia, initiated and run by our volunteers: Ewa and Sarah who came for 9 months in Krasnoyarsk to work as volunteers, to learn language and of course, to fell the real Siberian winter. They write about their experiences during the project in English and their languages- Polish and French
Culture and education
Our projects!
Danish art-illustrator taught participants how to use comic books to tell a story.

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5 hours, 25 lecturers, 6 workshops
Marathon of urban changes "SAMmit"- is a project about free education and cooperation of urban activists, artists, ecologist, social businessmen and everybody who want to learn about it. During the project there were workshops, lessons, trainings, discussions run by citizens from Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Germany, who shared with the participants their knowledge about urban changes.

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Summer in the city
The best international short movies, picnics on the Yenisei embankment, lectures and live music under the sky. An impressive cultural marathon took place in 30 different cities, going from Vladivostok to Lisbon. INTERRA was supporting this event in Krasnoyarsk.

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Educational Project
Educational exhibition: "Anne Frank - lessons of history" has been traveling around the world more then 10 years and finally came to Siberia. Display tells about holocaust during 2nd world war. What is so special about this exhibition? Guides are schoolchildren who participated into a preparation seminar. The realization of the exhibition in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region was prepared by INTERRA in collaboration with the Museum "House of Anne Frank" in Amsterdam.

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Urban-cultural space
In partnership with AccentHoll INTERRA initiated the creation of "TONNA" - the modern urban-cultural space, created on the basis of cargotecture. Now "Tonna" is a restored container, which could be moved around the city and became a central place for different cultural events. "Tonna" is the first big step of a whole project.

#Tonna #cargotecture
Our German friends: Peter Correl and Jonas Toine researched about examples of the urban intervention in Berlin. They shared with us their reflections during the workshops.
The participants of the meeting were acquainted with examples of urban changes in Germany. They could also work with their own ideas of creative transformation in Krasnoyarsk.

#development of urban environment

Educational forum
89 schoolchildren and 16 teachers from Siberia came to Krasnoyarsk for the Forum. Within a week participants researched about urbanization, met with experts, studied, played and created their own projects about surroundings, districts, cities, schools.
To get into this Forum, schoolchildren had to compete. Only the ones with the best ideas could take part in the project meetings. They took place in five different regions of Siberia, where they worked on the realization of their projects with the help of their mentors.
You can give a look on participants' projects following this link: ideasibir.org.

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Exchange of experience
Professional development for youth workers
From the 6th to the 10th of December 10 people from the all Siberian region (Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Ilansky, Krasnoyarsk, Novokuznetsk) took part in a Russian-German project. Russian youngsters, university staff and specialists from Berlin exchanged their experiences, got to know the system and principles of youth work in Germany.
They visited the Career Service Universität in Potsdam and a Youth Education Centre in Weimar. They also took part in trainings on the theme: "System of work with young people in Europe" and "Efficiency of youth projects: influence and measuring".

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Open World
How many kilograms of cheese eat French people during the year? Where can you find a thousand years old oak tree in Denmark? Which revolution was called ' the delicate' in Slovakia?
The Answers about those strange and interesting facts were discussed in the "Open World" club, as many other ones like how to travel in those countries, what are the traditions, the best dishes that you have to absolutely not miss if you go there.

«Open World» is an INTERRA project for people in Krasnoyarsk who would like to meet with foreigners. During 2015 we had meetings about France, Denmark, Slovakia and Poland.

Our geography from Ireland to Japan
Where our INTERRA team travelled in 2015
10 countries
30 cities
6 villages
2015 has been a year of big deal for us. We did a lot of thinks (and much more are coming!). We have grown up and we have changed. Such matters as the external organizational questions and maintenance of our activity have been solved.

This year we have organized some huge educational events - Forum «Territory of changes» during which we were working with schoolchildren. We could see how eager they were to realize their own projects, which goal was to improve their surroundings, schools, villages, cities. That is why, we will continue this interesting work with youngsters (a few programs and projects are already planned). We are working on our own courses and trainings for youngsters and teachers.

The develompent of urban space is also important for us. We will still cooperate with some group initiatives and support their partnership with international organizations.
We will also support young professionals by creating new projects and by helping them to raise it on an international level. Then we are ready to develop our local projects for international level: to invite international experts, participants, volunteers. We would like that Krasnoyarsk becomes a starting point for the personal and business connections. We aspire that our city will be perceived as a modern, friendly, open and hospitable place in Siberia. We want to develop new creative spaces in city
«TONNA», that would become one of INTERRA's residences.

We continue to work with the "European Voluntary Service" program and we hope that our next volunteers who will arrive next year will have the opportunity to interact more with Krasnoyarsk schools. Furthermore we hope that more and more Russian youngsters will be got the opportunity to volunteer abroad and then return with new creative ideas and abilities.

A few words about some future plans for next year. Most of our ideas have a global perspective. As usual we will have some projects with Germany.
According to the Russian-German Fund (Hamburg), among Russian organizations, INTERRA is the third one to host the most youth exchanges with Germany.

The most exciting project of this summer will be «VIV»: Roalds Amundsen ship will accomplish 5 travels on the Baltic sea en-route: Киль-Росток-Калининград-Петербург. During each travel, participants from Germany and Russia will learn how to become a sailor, to manage a sailboat and will have the chance to discover new cities. It is an excellent chance to check itself.

We will have one more extraordinary project: a summer trip to Tanzania. The project "Critical Kitchen" where the main topics will be: meal / food industry and climate change. Why kitchen?
We believe that kitchen is a special place where families and friends gather to spent time, to talk, to eat. Because of that during the project participants will study how to prepare traditional dishes and will meet with experts.
The format of "kitchen meetings" will give the possibility to talk about serious things, such as steady development of society, the history of relations between our countries,
ecological issues- in an informal situation.

Another importand project will be held in the southern part of Krasnoyarsk Region in Khakasiya. This project will be loved by all the active people who like active tourism. The trip will be done by bicycles, boat and on foot with backpacks. It will be about the immersion in the past occupation of the soviet territory. The project is related to the 25th year of Soviet's Union disintegration. This is response for the last project «Velosofia» during which a Russian - German group of youngsters researched about the influence of German development 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall.
In 2016 we will start the project with our Ukrainian friends. It is an educational and creative program named "Habit to think announcement" that will begin in January.

Furthermore we are still making some new plans with our partners from Poland, Armenia, Denmark, Switzerland. However you have to wait a little bit more to get some more details, (after we will be done with the cooperation we are currently running with our partners).

This is just a part of our plans for 2016. If we can achieve all of our plans it will be such a bright and exciting year. We wish to all our friends and partners the best for this year.
See you in 2016!

Elena Bobrovskaja, INTERRA's director

Krasnoyarsk Regional Non-Govermental Organisation For Non-Formal Education And Intercultural Communication "INTERRA" was established 2004 in the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Our organization promotes international cooperation and mobility of young people. We implement differently themed international projects and exchange programmes with our foreign partners in Europe. We arrange different kinds of courses, activities and informal education for young people not just from Krasnoyarsk, but also from all over Siberia.

Our main task is to promote young people's active citizenship and encourage them to develop the civil society. Public initiatives, culture in all its forms, the sustainable development, ecological awareness, developing of the modern city space and social activity are some of our main interests.

We organize differently themed seminars, camps, training and other activities for young people. We have various exchange programmes for individuals and groups, and we have a lot of experience of foreign internships.

According to our philosophy, life is meetings with other people from different backgrounds and different cultures. The person develops only through these interesting and eye-opening meetings. Principles of tolerance, equality and respecting each other are the most important values in all our projects.

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